Included Scenarios

No Soldier Left Behind uses decks of Scenario Cards to provide varied and interesting game experiences.

Each scenario deck has:

Here are the scenarios that are included with the base game:

The Fog of War
December 15, 1944 –  A routine patrol into enemy territory in early morning hours leads to the realization that the Germans are not merely holding their territory, but are gearing up for a full-scale incursion. Can you make it back to the Allied front and warn the high command of the imminent danger?
The Hill at Lanzerath
December 16, 1944 –  In the early hours of December 16th, Hitler begins his assault with a withering hail of artillery. The initial barrage kills most of your squad, stationed up on a hill outside the Belgian village of Lanzerath. But when hundreds of German soldiers march into view, you are ordered stand your ground – the Allies need time to organize a response. It's a good thing you're well dug in, with a mounted .50 cal machine gun affectionately named "Betsy", because you're outnumbered many times over. Can you hold the hill?
The Walk of Heroes
December 16, 1944 –  A few survivors of your squad escape into the forest as the overwhelming force of German infantry overruns your positions, but not before one of you loses a leg to artillery fire. You desperately try to stop the bleeding, but it takes hours, and as you work, the German front sweeps past you. You're now well behind enemy lines, and you need to make it back to the Allied front with a soldier who cannot walk by himself.
Racing the Bullet
December 17, 1944 –  After the delays suffered at Lanzerath, the German tank commander Peiper is enraged that he is so far behind schedule. Rather than take the time to process the many American POW's he has captured, he orders them all killed in a snowy field outside the village of Malmedy. News spreads quickly, and when news arrives of a nearby group of POWs recently captured, you take a squad of men to try to avert another massacre. But when prisoners become the captors, how do you stop them from exacting revenge?
The Trois-Ponts Gambit
December 18, 1944 –  Tank Commander Peiper is rolling his armor towards the bridge at Trois-Ponts. If he can cross it with his column, it's a clear shot on to Antwerp. Your squad are the engineers tasked with blowing the last bridge at any cost, but you'll soon learn that Peiper is not going to let the bridge go easily.
Cat and Mouse
December 20, 1944 –  At the field hospital in Bastogne, the medics are desperately trying to prep the wounded to get them out before the town is completely surrounded. But a shot rings out! A master sniper is trying to pin them down long enough to prevent their escape. You take your squad of men out to play a deadly game of cat and mouse with the sniper. Can you flush him out in time to get the wounded out before the noose closes?
Hippocratic Oath
December 20, 1944 –  In a field hospital on the outskirts of Bastogne, news comes in that medics have been killed. As the German army encircles the town, two medics risk their lives sneaking into the besieged town to help men who have been wounded in battle. According to the Geneva Convention, medics cannot carry firearms, so they will have to rely on only their stealth and shrewdness to survive.
The Bande Cellar
December 24, 1944 –  A Belgian woman runs up to your squad and begs you for help. The nefarious Sicherheitsdienst - the elite intimidation squad of the SS - has occupied the town and has taken all the men away. You'll be up against the elite troops of the SS, but you'll have the cover of darkness and the element of surprise. Can you avert a massacre, or will this Christmas Eve be a night of terror and death?

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