No Soldier Left Behind is a cooperative wargame set during the Battle of the Bulge of World War II, coming soon from Barking Dog Interactive and Chimera Games.

Players take the role of individual soldiers, struggling to complete the mission and not take a bullet in the process.

Game Features

  • Compelling gameplay that appeals to both casual tabletop gamers and dedicated wargamers.
  • A cooperative structure. All players work as a team to achieve mission goals.
  • A modular board of illustrated hex tiles representing the snow-covered Ardennes forest.
Hex samples
  • Thirteen scenarios with different difficulties and completion rules. More will be available online, and they are easy to create yourself.
  • An intense focus on just a few soldiers (instead of an entire war theater) to evoke more drama than most wargames.
  • A simple yet flexible resource allocation system that models everything from a soldier's movement to his leadership ability.
  • Custom dice!
  • Every soldier is different. Some are sharpshooters, some are natural leaders, and some are simply fighting for the girl back home. Each soldier brings unique talents and backgrounds to the battlefield, and any one of them can mean the difference between survival and defeat.
  • Seat time of less than an hour.
Trois-Ponts Gambit Example Scenario Card


As grenades clatter into your midst, Wehrmacht scouts search for you through dense forests, and Panzer tanks roll into the shattered ruins you crouch in, there is never a dull moment.

Some of the scenarios you will face:

Cat and Mouse
An ace sniper is picking off soldiers one by one as they try to evacuate a town about to be overrun by the German infantry. Flush him out and stop him before it's too late.
Hippocratic Oath
Play as a small team of medics rushing to the site of a bloody battle to search for and save wounded soldiers.
Prisoner of War
Caught behind enemy lines, escort your wounded prisoner of war back through the wilderness to the Allied front line.
Chasing the Bullet
As reports spread of Germans killing POW's at Malmedy, you must race into a fortified town to rescue the remaining prisoners before they are executed.
The Trois-Ponts Gambit
Kampfgruppe Peiper is rolling his armor towards the bridge at Trois-Ponts. Destroy the bridge before he can secure this important strategic location.

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