Stand your ground against the Wehrmacht!

No Soldier Left Behind is a cooperative wargame which puts each player into the shoes of a single American soldier. By choosing what to focus on – firing on the enemy, being stealthy, or even summoning your courage by looking at a photo of the girl back home - you test your mettle against the forces of the German army. Can you complete your mission, and bring back all your buddies in the process?

Historical Basis

The Battle of the Bulge was one of the bloodiest and most pivotal battles ever fought. Learn more about the battle and how it relates to the game.

The Focus System

The game uses an innovative Focus Queue to represent the activities of soldiers, elegantly modeling battlefield factors from the deadly force of raw firepower to the esoteric value of camaraderie.

Included Scenarios

The game comes with eight scenarios based on the real events of the Battle.

Example of Play

Follow along with an example of play and see how the game evokes a story.

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